ACA Repeal Update and it’s Not Good

This first fragmentation of the Repeal of ACA, the 3rd Executive Order (EO) signed by trump on 01/20/17.  BY interpreting the wording, the only perceivable benefit, of the EO ACA Repeal, would be to the advantage of employers, insurers, manufacturers, and so on. Not to the patients.


I purposely refused to the watch the innauagaraion. When I learned of the Executive Order above, I almost fainted. A huge void took over me, its real. It’s only going to get worse, as all bills being introduced in WA, are laying the groundwork for complete demolition of the ACA.

As I reflected on this atrocity, I could not let me family know how devastated I was. Honestly, my child would understand the consequences, but I cannot tell her. Sadly, she IS advanced beyond her years, in the entire medical arena, and would know immediately what the consequences will be.

I finally sat down, and the tears started flowing. What can we do now? I must make a plan A, a Plan B, and Plan C. If you are of the understanding that I am, you are probably thinking the same thing. Preserving our Lives.

The pipunited, is needed, now more than ever. Has anyone given any foresight as to what they will do? I have a few ideas, again, collaboration and unity, and ideas.

Banning together, NOW! These are political moves, pushed by the republicans, which dominate Washington. They are moving fast to get their bills passed, to line their wallets. Not to mention, their exempt from the average citizen, when it comes to healthcare.

To many patients are dependent on others speaking (advocating) for them, or their in denial, or watching the News/internet/social media for their updates on ACA Repeal. Basing their knowledge on propaganda is the most uneducated thing to do. Patients must go to the source, follow what is happening in Washington. This is where the facts are, and this is where, we MUST focus ALL of our INDIVIDUAL attention, ASAP. Contact your Senators And Congresspersons BY PHONE! BY MAIL! Email is useless, seems citizens concerns are going in their Spam.  Senate and house meet again on  1/23/17, it’s a good possibility, given the recent track records, they will continue dismantling the ACA. The blog post,  here, gives Senate and Congress Contacts.

I will attempt to post another method of direct contact, in a separate blog, Until then, contact, and keep contacting your state representatives.

WE, as PI patients, are more knowledgeable of how to advocate for our health. This is a  PIVITOL moment, we are now advocating for OUR LIVES.

As well, the millions of others, who are oblivious to what is occurring.

God Bless.

Here is a tip: That was posted about 11/12, however the 5 GOP senators that oppose any coming legislation could be of tremendous help when the votes from senate are ruled by “majority vote”
“For those worried about the imminent repeal of the ACA — After hearing about the midnight repeal of the pre-existing conditions clause, I called Senator Warren’s office. The woman I spoke to said they are being flooded with calls, as are the offices of Speakers Ryan and McConnell.
Senator Warren’s staff member told me what would help the most would be to call the five Republican senators who have broken away from the GOP to demand a slow down of the repeal. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts to stop the train wreck and share your story.

They need to hear from us…

They are:
Senator Bob Corker – (202) 224-3344
Senator Lisa Murkowski – (202) 224-6665
Senator Rob Portman – (202) 224-3353
Senator Susan Collins – (202) 224-2523
Senator Bill Cassidy – (202) 224-5824

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