ACTION ? ALERT: CBO Finding #AHCA Premiums OFFSET by Removing High Cost Individuals:

CMS Estimated Financial Effect of the American Health Care Act (#AHCA) of 2017 Published 06/13/17

Of Significant Concern:

Today, June 14, 2017 we unleash the full power of #TheResistance. Let @SenateGOP know that we will not back down, we will not be silenced! CALL SCRIPT <--link TELL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO VOTE NO ON THE VERIFY FIRST ACT (H.R. 2581)..don’t let the name fool you

To Do NOW!
**There are “about” 10 questionable Senators “on the fence” for voting for the #ACHA. Granted, as we have seen with Congress. Senate is using three key elements that will spell demise for many; Secrecy, Speed, Sabatoge.

@jhamelResists [TWITTER] has completed specific letters to each Senator, Print the templates off, sign add your zip code and mail TODAY. MEME party for the #resistance when you send 15 letters out. EASY PEASY. You do not have to live in the state of any specific Senator.

The following link will take you to all the letters and addresses:“>

Print ?️ Sign ?️ and Mail ? the letters in the linked.
Be sure you match the letter to the right envelope! ?

? Note: Granted, many of us have spent countless hours attempting to stop this archaic mass-genocide of America. Yes, we have also felt the ramifications of trump threatening congress for a Yes vote on #AHCA. Of which, they complied.
Discouraged, Stress, and Scared.
➡️This is the lAST opportunity for ACTION. Senate will have their #AHCA bill passed BEFORE 6/28. When senate passes the bill, trump signs, it’s LAW. No going back. Look above, they INTEND on patient deaths To justify premium decreases…

GET OFF FACEBOOK, and all social media. Turn off the news channel. Personally, Follow the legislation, what are your congress and senate members votes (See RSS on sidebar)? Get the truth out, many rural areas across America are clueless about the truth of what is occurring that will affect everyone. Encourage EVERYONE you know to register to vote. To many lies, are spread via news and social media…Playing into GOPs intent. Follow my blog if you need current updates, straight from the source.

Third: Join: Indivisible: A grass-roots, NPO, effort to stop TRUMPCARE

Again, the CBO (6/13/17) did not take into account many other factors. At this time, it is it late to debate anymore.
*Concerns regarding STATE VOUCHERS
*Concerns regarding CBO published:
And More….right now we need to take action.