BIll Introduced 01/12/16: Demolishing the ACA in its Entirety. This is SERIOUS AMERICA.

?There has been a new BILL INTRODUCED BY Sen. TED CRUZ (R-TX) on 01/12/16 to DISMANTLE the ACA entirely,

cosponsored by Sen. Lee, Mike (R-UT), Sen. Rubio, Marco (R-Fl), and Sen. Paul, Rand (R-KY): S.106:
A bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 entirely”
(Click here for updates: Senate Bill 106)

With these votes to repeal coverage, our Congressional Representatives are no longer shooting with blanks–now the gun is loaded, and aimed directly at their constituents who depend on this care and coverage.

Essentially,  the Repeal of this magnitude is a certain Death Sentence, not just for ALL people suffering from chronic illnesses, but for many, from all walks of life. The sheer number is utterly unimaginable.

Every protection afforded now will be either reinstated, or eliminated. Preexisting conditions, life-time maximums, unlimited OOPs determined by Insurers, and UNINSURABLE Status will become effective. If one has private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or uninsured–all forms of healthcare and patients, are at serious risk. My educated guess would be the only citizens of America left standing in the aftermath will be the federally insured, or the incredibly wealthy.

AM I the one of the few who understands the ramifications of COMPLETELY destroying ALL ACCESS TO MEDICAL CARE? How Senate slid the repeal–in the wee hours of the night–of the ACA (with limited restrictions) AND approved the repeal of the ACA with a minority vote on 1/11/17,  & passed Congress on 1/13/17. I cannot help but wonder, how easily AND quickly the Complete Demolition, of the  ACA will occur….it will be far to soon. The statistics of the tens of millions that will be destroyed are below…digest the sheer magnitude on the national scale, then take a minute to absorb what this means for you, or your loved ones.  Then take Action. It’s fight or flight, and since fleeing isn’t a realistic answer…it’s NOW or NEVER.


What can YOU Do? 

Voice your criticisms and concerns NOW to HALT the complete demolition of the ACA:Obamacare. 

Contact your Senator:

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Senate Contacts

Contact your Congressperson(s):

Congress Contacts

  • The Following are just some of the tens of millions that will be affected:


Who Will Be Affected (Sources)


The ACA Repeal Checklist


BIll Introduced 01/12/16: Demolishing the ACA in its Entirety. This is SERIOUS AMERICA.

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