Blogging and figuring this out

October 23, 2015

Thinking creating a blog was a good idea, for many reasons, At First. Appears there is a lot of techo knowledge I truly don’t understand. Not even sure where this particular post will land, if it posts at all. I’m really not sure what a blog is suppose to contain. I’m not selling anything. As appears many bloggers do. My goal, is to give the information of a rare disease, CVID. However,  glimpses of my daily “grind” will also be included. I’m also hoping to create awareness, and leave a legacy for those who love me. I have so many ideas, categorizing, and actually writing them will be an ongoing process. Please bear with me, I’m just updating a tad of the last few days.

My beloved and ever faithful furry child, has been pretty sick. She is a 15 year old Bichon, name Sadie. She has a big responsibility taking care and being the great companion she is, to my now 9 year old, and 5 grandchildren. She grew up with my 3 oldest children. Of course, this was a scary ordeal when she got sick.

i discovered my distrust of the medical field, carried over to the canine medical field. I questioned their reasoning for tests, their probable diagnosis, and so forth. Reflecting back on this situation, yep, safe to say I question the medical field and for good reason. Long story short, our pooch has a collapsed trachea, but will be okay.

Allso, had a visit with my clinical immunologist (when one has CVID, they must have a clinical immunologist, as they have the additional training needed to address these diseases). I will see him in three months, as he says that I have a lot of other medical problems (I do) and he feels better if I see him sooner after I get any results—-IF I get any results. I’ll post further, when necessary.

I am starting a second round of antibiotics for a raring sinus infection. First course, surprisingly did not work. I say surprisingly because this particular antibiotic would clear up an infection in an elephant. We are trying another one, maybe it’s a different bacteria, or God forbid my go-to antibiotic doesn’t work anymore.

What do you think?

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