5 Reasons Why Rex Tillerson Shouldn’t Be Secretary of State: Call your Senators on 1/23/17 and tell them WHY Rex Tillerson should NOT be Secretary of State.

Call Regarding Senate Vote On Tillerson 1/23/2017
The Senate will be voting on oil magnate Tillerson Monday for his confirmation to Secretary of State. We ALL need to contact our senators, GOP or Dem on this matter first thing Monday morning. For west coast people, note ET times.


The Congressional switchboard number is: 202-224-3121
You’ll be prompted as follows:

– Press 1 to contact your Senators

– Speak your state name

– Select 1 or 2 to be connected to whichever one you want to contact.

– REPEAT the call to contact your other senator.

Note that congressional offices are open 9AM-5PM (ET) or 6AM-2PM (PT).
Tip: Write down what you want to say before making your calls. This will help keep you focused and on point. Most calls last 30-60 seconds if that.
* Enormous conflicts of interest as Exxon CEO and SoS position

* Absolutely will deny climate change

* Has signaled intentions to provoke China to war

* Extensive ties to Russia, opposes sanctions to Russia

* Unclear he has the slightest idea about other areas. Middle East for example?

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5 Reasons Why Rex Tillerson Shouldn’t Be Secretary of State

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