Health Insurance Exclusions: Maternity (labor C-sect,) newborn care, cancer treatments, emergency & outpatient, nursing, diabetes, anasthesia, ventilation support & MORE.

Under MN law, healthcare workers, would have been forced to unplug the
ventilators. Is this not MURDER? WAtch every Bill in your state, this will continue to occur. The cross state healthcare agenda will spread like wildfire I feel this scenario passes in ANY state.

Representative Steve Drazkowski (R) District: 21B, from Minnesota  

CDCB9B5D-7E5F-4A27-BCF3-6A702A9E271E-816-000000799F073EBD_tmp   Drazkowski will be up for re-election 11-6-18–GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE MINNESOTA. Drazkowski’s Ammendment and Chief Author of the H.R. 2026, provide clear-cut evidence that he does NOT support his constituents in MN. As an example, he declared among many atrocities that would have been excluded from health insurance, patients on ventilators, maternity and newborn coverage, cancer treatments and horrendous other health insurance exclusions. This is just the beginning, other states are following suit.

Example of Drazkowski bill: Imagine, your spouse, child, parent  or self, are in a car accident. The hospital,  in using best medical  judgement (to allow organs to heal, testing, or induced “temporary coma”) to put one temporarily on a ventilator.

In reality, in cases like this, patients recover and return to their normal lives, once recouperated. If this Drazkowskis bill had passed. Patients on ventilators, would no longer be covered under health insurance. If passed, Under MN law, healthcare workers, would be forced to unplug the ventilators. Is this not MURDER? This is just one example of the barbaric and savage proposals that were introduced in MN.

Why did MN initiate this?  The minute ACHA Passesas law, millions of Minnesota citizens would be killed, and if not immediately. Death was promised soon, as all cancer treatments were also nixed in the bill. This bill was initiated to coincide with AHCA, and quickly rid patients of their health, and lives.

COntact Drazkowski:

* 591 State Office Building 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Saint Paul, MN651-296-2273

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Other MN legislators can be found here:

Drazkowski (R) MN Is the Chief Author of HR 2026; which included inhumane mandates of health insurance exclusions. See this blog entry for exact exclusions (and listed below). Which included gutted benefits for cancer treatments, maternity, newborn care, hospitalizations, nursing services, diabetes care, and  aliat of archaic inhumane exclusions.

Fortunately, public objection, cancelled the vote on 03/14/17. However, citizens need to be aware that this type of axing serious health related coverages WILL reoccur, and currently in progress for many states.

The objective for these death sentence legislative “introductions” are  due to the ACHA. In general, most insurers (health care companies) & STATES, are in anticipation of the ACHA becoming law. Which is NOT In the distant future. As early as 06/17, ACHA Federal law will begin.

States are putting into place legislation, that will benefit, and be ready, for the mandates of the ACHA. In other words, you MUST watch your state legislature and proposed rules, with an eagle eye. The only reason that MN was on the forefront, is due to a prominent party who is from MN. He made knowledgeable of legislation, state and federal, specifically the above case. UNFORTUNATELY, many of us live in Republican dominated states.  Bills like this will sweep unheard of, until it’s to late. Be nosey, be vigilant, our American duty, is in the common people hands. Pay attention to your local state laws.

It is an unfortunate society when the citizens, have to constantly  police those elected officials, that were voted in  by their constituents to preserve basic humanitarian rights. It is, what it is, for this time in history. Continue to watch, and report any activity of other states making no similar proposals.

God Bless America


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