Easy Way to Reach Your State Reps & Be Involved.


There are quite a few resources aimed at helping citizens have their voice heard. If you cannot get out and March, or gather at your representatives chambers. This convenient  app, and/or link in a browser, provides you with your local, state, and federal reps! Easy-Peasy! Scroll down a bit, and you can even have custom “scripts” and data, detailed for your area of concern.

Direct Link: https://callyourrep.co/

Emily Ellsworth describes how to effectively lobby your congress person:

Understand why phone calls and in-person meetings are more effective

Because emails and other written correspondence is so easily batched by computer programs, a hundred or a thousand emails on a subject both require the same amount of effort by staff. Phone calls are more effective because they require a staffer to be on the phone with someone and respond to questions immediately.

Calling your representative’s DC office might feel more natural because they are the office primarily responsible for managing legislation. However, the state office staffers are usually from your state and part of the community you live in—they are truly local. Also, state office numbers are less likely to be busy or have a long hold. Significant volumes of calls in a state office also require coordination by the DC and district office staff and get noticed right away.

From time to time, I had large groups of people come into our state office by appointment and share their stories. This was particularly effective with immigration and climate change groups who brought in experts to answer questions. They gave perspective and knowledge we would not have had otherwise. It is easy to get an appointment with a local staffer or a DC staffer, and these relationships pay off.

For those who are unable to make phone calls or in-person visits for any reason, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean your voice goes unheard. Most constituents have never contacted their representative, so you’re miles ahead of your neighbors. Sending emails and letters as part of a coordinated effort make a difference and send a message.

Adapted from: http://theslot.jezebel.com/how-to-effectively-lobby-your-congressperson-1788958124




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