Erik Hare Summarizes the US Current Crisis with trumps Psychiatric Health. He is correct. Gone are the days when our Senate, Congress, & State Reps Protected the Citizens from  a Commander in Chief, and the Unweilding Power. Compounded, as appears with Profound, Psychiatric and Dilusional Beliefs. For every American life to be lost, due to his unfit ability to safely run America. Every Senator, Congressional Person, and State Rep., shall be held accountable, for not protecting the American citizens-as their sworn oath. We are not one month into this presidential circus. America cannot tolerate the brown-nosing status quo in Washington. The situation is beyond dangerous, Capital Hill, protect the USA. Eric Hare: An Immediate Crisis:An Immediate Crisis

You realize we’re less than one month into this circus, yes? After a press conference today the problem at hand should be obvious to absolutely everyone – the President has a severe mental il…

Source: An Immediate Crisis

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