History is The Greatest Educator: Take Back America: Tactics Unfamiliar to Democracy, but Critical -for the future of America. FASCISM.

We must estimguish Fascism, with fascism tactics,. If we do not re-evaluate, as educated Americans, with the ability to scrutinize how facisism develops, our efforts for restoring democracy, are to no avail

Bear with me as I explain my stance, and thoughts on our current political atrocities, how we may be reacting in a way, that gives quick momentum to those who we thought were our leaders, gaining ground against the Citizens and creating a double jeopardy for the citizens. You may think that what I suggest is unheard of, however, once you read through, research, you may realize, that yes, this is a strong possibility as well as a potential solution.

Americans have known nothing but democracy, their entire lives. Thus, are proceeding with values and actions, that are precedent, in the face of threats of our liberty, and justice system. Tens of millions are calling, actively assembling, joining movement after movement, vocal on all platforms, presenting the factual truths, to who we have always believed to protect our basic freedoms, our State Legislature. In spite of the proaction, in spite of ten of millions being heard. Every voice, has fallen on deaf ears of our leaders. Every outcry from the citizens, has been met with bold rebellion by those entrusted to protect our liberties. I am not even addressing the international hostility, but within our country. Take a moment and reflect, the efforts, the unjustice, the bold mockery of the Constitution. We, as a nation of Americans, need to approach this disaster, and restrategize our counter attack. As of this moment, under any other democratic values, we would have been heard-NOW- we are ignored.

America is at a very dangerous intersection, Democracy no longer exists for the citizens, with any political power, except for a select few. The powers in Washington, the swamp, are infiltrating state governors. What we are witnessing now, is a Fascist Regime in the making, all points of power are being strategically placed, this is a methodical-thought out plan. Irregardless, of our democratic way of disagreeing by the masses. Nothing stopped them, and nothing will, as long as we continue to mix oil and water, democracy with fascism, fascism will win. History has proven this. The one, single, most important, lesson we must not ever forget, is HISTORY. The identical situations have occurred in Italy with Mussolini, and again with Hitler. The current state of our country, is the carbon copy of the rise of Fascism in History. The citizens, then, also attempted to rise against the government–while the citizens used their known methods of attempting to restore order, the Fascist used their protests, as a time to get their affairs in order. To implement a full facist order. History reminds us of the atrocities, that occur, once their Order is in place.

A suggestion, is yes, we as multiple members of many organizations, and are attempting to restore democracy, and should continue to remain united on all fronts.However, we are as a majority are repeating history,. Unknowingly, we are indeed and inadvertently giving the power to the Politicians and trump to gain a Facscist party, which is extremely dangerous, and deadly.

The strategy of ending this facist beginning, which moves quickly, and is: Every group, that has developed banning together, and revamping immediately. Every minute efforts are made to defeat the current injustice, is giving the politicians, a stronger foothold, against us.

As millions banning together, change the focus. We must estimguish Fascism, with fascism tactics,. If we do not re-evaluate, as educated Americans, with the ability to scrutinize how facisism develops, our efforts for restoring democracy, are to no avail. Change our agendas, and our counter attack, use the psychology, of what is known of the facist power, reflect and analyze historically, and fight back using anti fascist tactics.
If we do not, history will repeat, this time, we the American citizens, our children, elderly, families, will suffer a deplorable repeat of history.

What do you think?

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