I’m Back for a bit…

I re-read some of the blogs previously written. It is now May. Sadly, we lost our beloved Sadie 11/14/15, life pretty much went from and to worse, after that.

A long and still occurring battle began in December and continues today with the health insurance company, Cigna. They have been a living nightmare. We have also moved,  yes, boxes everywhere, no energy and not much help.

Meanwhile, my daughter has undergone some very traumatic events. It’s takes all I have to help her not lose her childhood and self to the trauma. I pray so much for guidance with this. Amongst other occurrences, she has been apparently exposed to “to many adult situations–CVID included”. Yeah, that’s a huge slap in the damn face. Now I am a pathetic mother, not 3 times, but now 4. I can understand why some feel this way, and if and when she has researched CVID, It’s not good. I do not want her to know the prognosis, although we are all variable, and I do let her know that, and she can see with our meetings.

also, mutually fired another doctor, which stinks because now I am adding more stress to a bad situation. Interviewing certain specialists in the Midwest is unheard of, this particular type of specialists is so incredibly hard to find with crap pot insurance, and limitations, that if I cannot find one soon. I will certainly by hospitalized, but I will wait to near death fit that, as I despise any hospital.



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