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Howdy and Welcome! I am an accidental blogger, reluctant political enthusiast, and a complex patient. Grab a coffee and follow along as I introduce myself. Chronic illness is a profiteering business for many entities, often with lethal consequences for patients. PIPUNITED disagrees with current profit and politics instead of patient health. My passion for humanity, equality, and survival have developed into an advocacy campaign for patients, and caregivers. Patients will develop proactive awareness, and will find pertinent and critical information on this site, the blog, or by any of the current media and print sources.

Follow along as we navigate this bumpy road called life.


Currently, navigating the political, social, and cultural climate of patient related issues is difficult. As propaganda, omission, deception, and confusion surfaces often from a variety of sources. As this blog continues to develop, my writing will be reflective of our current personal, physical, social, and cultural concerns as related to patients and caregivers.

My purpose is to educate and support patients, developing unity to any one of the millions that live with, or affected by, Invisible Illnesses. The topics are crafted to help patients become informed with factual information that impact their personal lives. Readers can make educated decisions about their health care, through verified evidence. Despite the threats I have received that exposes the truth, slander from large entities, and evidence that prove overt lies to the chronically ill–that assume “illness equates to ignorance”. I will not stop in exposing truth, facts, or evidence.


While in the workforce, I was a college professor. The instruction and curriculum were Science courses. Objectivity and validity were the only acceptable sources of evidence when reporting. Likewise, I continue to use these skills as I develop my research for my content. This method enables readers to understand, and refer back to the legitimacy and accuracy of any given topic. It’s also helpful to have solid evidence to enable the truth, when confronted by omissions or deception, of any given topic. Admittedly, I do not have a degree in Advanced Writing of any nature. I am very appreciative if the scope of my content is not critiqued on grammar, spelling, and the like ;),

Invisible Illnesses

I have what multiple complex as, Invisible Illnesses. Sometimes, I look perfectly normal. I have to ask, “What does normal look like?”
If I were an amputee or balding from chemotherapy, it’s not invisible. People do not doubt, push herbal remedies, or tell the patient to, “just get over it..it’s all in your head”.

Patients diagnosed with Invisible illnesses face unique challenges; that patients with visible illnesses do not have. Many psychological or psychiatric diagnosis are also considered Invisible Illnesses. Would it surprise you to know that our “psychologic”defeciencies are influenced by our immune system? Well, if you did not know that prior to reading this, you do now!

I live constantly with these “invisible illnesses” and feel that these conditions that run amok in our bodies deserve an educated and personal perspective from the patients point of view. I also have a genetic, rare, and incurable disease called Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID). CVID Is A specific type of Primary Immune Deficiency (PI)…….don’t want to lose you. Remember the “Boy Who Lived in a Bubble” or the film starring John Travolta, Bubble Boy? That’s it. Now you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

It is very strange, when you have to learn a whole new way of existing. The experiences gained, lessons learned, and reflecting upon it all, has made me stronger, in many ways.

Who I was pre diagnosis, compared to who I am now, are the same. Only stronger, wiser, and my passion for humanity, equality, and our right for survival surpasses all. Ultimately, my pre and post CVID diagnosis traits have intertwined, goals and focus have taken a new direction, fact from fiction defined, empowering patients to advocate for themselves to improve their quality of life through patient unity.

To many are growing wealthy off of our suffering. This public downplaying, complete omission, or denying or minimizing facts to the patient populations they purport to advocate is happening. This will continue to occur, when Patients don’t have access to the truth.

Truth and knowledge empowers.

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