Travesty in the USA. Are you on Medicare? If your not, can you help? We, CVID  & PI patients, plan to action: Gather our resources and help our peers.

We say, there is a “way”, “there is a possibility” there are “other options”.  Am I right?  You would  not be a zebra, if you thought otherwise. We are strong, fierce, fighters, and above all we have to keep our  loyalties to our”herd”.


It’s  the end of October. Always a stressful time of the year, Halloween, then Thanksgiving and the holidays. It’s also time to make sure you have all of your end of the year doctor appointments, all of those specialized tests, and make sure your medications are in order before the first of the year hits.

And the dreaded OOPs has to be met again.

Few concerns I have, the presidential election.  Seems as of this date, Trump has a lot of fans. Have to admit I’m not a fan of Hillary either, she was one of the politicians behind the CMS scandal last spring.

Im wondering and pretty concerned, If trump gets office, he plans on eliminating Obamacare (ACA). A lot of people are for that  idea, not me. If you have a chronic illness, and understand the repercussions, you should be worried.

Will he bring back the non insurable because of existing illness–my guess is yes.

Will he bring back maximum lifetime health insurance limits-yes, again.

As I type this, a fellow CVID’er is now on hospice, because she was unable to afford her Medicare co pays for her IGg. She reached out to every organization and agency that could help. Please say a prayer  for her comfort and peace.

if you haven’t been heard, or are unaware, if one is  on Medicare, and make to much for Medicaid—they are unable To get ANY financial assistance to pay for their 20%co pay—that’s right, they are left to sink or swim. At this point, due to federal restrictions, organization oversites, lack of funding from private agencies….this is a gap that is ALMOST unbearable, and the consequences are a complete break down of medically necessity in the USA. The PiPUnited hopes to alleviate this gap, by knowledge of immediate needs, and resources formpatients that are in this dire situation.

You, as I, have asked what about supplemental? If you are not at retirement age, you do not qualify for supplemental insurance. If you decide you prefer to purchase private insurance, and your on Medicare, private insurance (anthem) won’t take you. I tried.

I reached out To so many agencies to inquire, how can this happen in the USA? Well, blame was either placed on the patient, the government, or funds are no longer available. This is a travesty.

its more of a travesty my friends, when maybe, we, as fellow CVID or pi patients can, will, and want to help. However if your bound by an organization or a group that installs such ridiculous rules. I may have answer. I will need help to make this work. It is our moral duty as human beings to help save a life if we can.


What do you think?

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