On The Eve of D-Day of the ACA-Americans, Everywhere, PRAY- –Millions of Lives are at Risk- NO TO THE AHCA

ACHA diabolical cuts: Essential Health Benefits EHB), Bans on Annual and Lifetime Limits, Uncapped Premiums eliminates the single risk pool and more


There will be a vote on the largest bill, AHCA, that will impact millions of Americans, tomorrow 03/24/17, 10 am Eastern  Streams Live.  Tonight, trump demanded the conservative Republican members of the United States House of Representatives known as the, “Freedom Caucus” an AHCA vote by  tomorrow. Tonight is D-Day  regarding the repeal and replacement of ACA, or AHCA plus the  Essential Health Benefits (EHB)repeal. In addition, to the  diabolical cuts including:

  • The Meadows Act eliminates the “Single Risk Pool”  (Insurers determine your Premiums, UNCAPPED)
  • The Meadows Act eliminates “Rating Restrictions”  (Insurers determine your Premiums, UNCAPPED)House in Session ACHA LIVE
  • The Meadows Act REVERSES the ban on Lifetime AND ANNUAL LIMITS (Many will be forced to go bankrupt. Those with chronic illnesses, or premature infants will hit lifetime and annual limits very quickly)–
  • The Meadows Act eliminates the no out of pocket cost for preventative services, such as mammograms.
  • The Meadows Act REVERSES the standardized documentation mandates (unable to compare plans, coverage and prices)
  • The Meadows Act REVERSES the Medical Loss Ratios standards, another win-win for insurance companies

The business person that trump is, I am pretty sure that he is using the pressure tactic. The GOP have hated ACA since its inception. trump, is giving  the Freedom Caucus an ultimatum–vote, or the bill stays as is, ACA. The GOP in their mighty heads of pride have only one answer–CUT IT–APPEAL every single section of the ACA. trump has also threatened members of congress,with their seats (and most fell for it). There are a few Republicans that are a maybe or a NO, we have to convince them by the a.m. to vote no. They are listed at the end of the blog.

The truth is, the ACA has saved millions of lives, and the GOP cannot offer any suitable replacement.  Complete details are not released at this moment. What is available is that a summary of the topics debated at tonight’s Caucus Meeting.  A formal copy will be updated tomorrow. I fell apart after reading (no TV), and researching the ACA , realizing that the GOP are offering  a certain death sentence to MILLIONS.

I blogged earlier about the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) protections being threatened. Yes, that has become a part of what they are calling an amended bill, referring to it simply as EHB. The Full Text LINK of Current ACA Law can be found here for comparison.

ACA (Right Click if you want to open directly)

Following is the text of the “Meadows Amendment” Mark Meadows information follows…(remember NOT to vote for him if you live in North Carolina). Summary as to how Meadows effects a vote for the AHCA tomorrow follows.

  • EHB Repeal for AHCA includes: FULL REPEAL of Essential Health Benefits (shown below)
Meadows Amendment 1
2/2 Meadows Amendment 1 Drafted 03/21/17
  • Essential Health Benefits INCLUDE:

Essential Health Care Benefits KILLED - Copy

Mark Meadows

Representative Mark Meadows

North Carolina (R)

(202) 225-6401

After the Caucus Meeting tonight there is speculation that the clause for preexisting conditions be reversed. If you have a condition that would meet preexisting status, pay attention to repealing: ‘SEC. 2704 ø42 U.S.C. 300gg–3¿. PROHIBITION OF PREEXISTING CONDITION EXCLUSIONS OR OTHER DISCRIMINATION BASED ON HEALTH STATUS

What Congressional Persons will vote NO? IF you live in one of their states, call, email, tweet, contact them and enforce a NO for the AHCA. Some of these guys appear to be terrified by Paul Ryan, little do they know, that Paul Ryan is despised. Call, email, DO it NOW!

  • MAYBE:

Scott DesJarlais TN (R)

(TWITTER) @DesJarlaisTN04

http://t.co/omXrQSGbn2 (FACEBOOK)

Paul Gosar  ARIZONA (R) http://gosar.house.gov/

(TWITTER) @RepGosar

Rep. Erik Paulsen MN (R)

(TWITTER) @RepErikPaulsen


(202) 225-3765
(202) 225-7768

Possibly NO: Andy Biggs (AZ) R:  1626 Longworth House Office Building
(202) 225-2635  twitter @RepAndyBiggsAZ


Leonard Lance (NJ) R 2352 Rayburn House Office Building
(202) 225-5361

Chris Smith (NJ) R

twitter: @RepChrisSmith

2373 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

**NOTE I am not aware of all of the key persons, that may sway the vote. Please add any that you are aware of.

ATTENTION: 8 Governors Praised the AHCA and trump.  knowing what the GOP was planning. Sadly, one of these Governors, is from my state, just elected in 2016.

  • Indiana: Holcomb                                                            
  • Maine: LaPage:
  • Mississippi: Bryant
  •  Missouri: Greitens:
  •  Utah: Herbert:
  •  Alabama:Bentley
  • Idaho: Otter: 
  • Kansas: Brownback


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