Part 2: Dismantling of the ACA, Congressional Votes For Repeal

The vote taken in Congress is nothing short of irresponsible. It puts in jeopardy the lives of millions of Americans just for the sake of a political victory,

Take a minute to review the update posted here; regarding the demise of the ACA. The Senate votes published in the  prior blog post.

It never ceases to amaze me the pure ignorance in general of some people.  There are a few people who do understand the far-reaching and lethal consequences of the elimination of the ACA. However, after spending countless hours researching, not only for myself, but for millions. A comment comes across similar to, “My son has suffered with heart disease, and I, a chronic-disease patient, am in favor of the Repeal of the ACA” the commenter goes on to summarize, “We could not get access to care, because insurance is to expensive, and I can’t afford the IRS Penalty“.

WOW! Seriously, if your insurance is that expensive, be grateful that you have had the luxury of health insurance, under Repeal, you will most likely not be INSURABLE. Be grateful that providers (insurance companies) are capped under the ACA on your yearly out-of-pocket. Under Repeal, there will be NO CAPS.  We all know that the individual who truly suffers from any chronic disease, their  treatments far exceed the $6850.00 OOP, capped by the ACA. Not to mention, chronic disease sufferers, under ACA, did not have lifetime maximum limits imposed. With the Repeal, if you’re able to secure health insurance, I hope your treatments are not that expensive. At the end of your Lifetime Maximum Limits, well, need I say more?

For the many who truly are not as archaic as some individuals living in this century. A follow-up to the dismantlement of the ACA, as cleverly disguised as S. RES. 3.

If you’re following the status of the ACA, aka Obama care, this is the title of what you need to look for. The last blog post focused on the Senators that voted for the Repeal. You will find the Congress Votes below.

“The vote taken in Congress is nothing short of irresponsible. It puts in jeopardy the lives of millions of Americans just for the sake of a political victory,” Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA35) said in a statement shortly after the House vote. “For years, we have heard Republicans talk about repealing and replacing, but to this day we have not seen a single workable plan to replace the ACA.”

Congress: WHO VOTED FOR OR AGAINST IN YOUR STATE: TAKE NOTE AS ELECTIONS in 2018, fire those, with casting of votes (paper not electronic) that chose to play god with our very life:


 Number of People Enrolled in ACA Marketplaces in 2016, by Congressional District

Number of People Enrolled in Affordable Care Act Marketplaces in 2016, by Congressional District

Retrieved from:New Interactive Map with Local Data: Estimated 2016 ACA Marketplace Enrollment by Congressional District 01/10/17

Additional Interactive Maps Chart Medicaid Expansion Enrollees by State

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