Ramifications of the Election, Trump & Impending AMA, repeal all or none, selectivity of pre existing cobitions and lifetime caps cannot be ✅ done ? nope



After spending the day in tears, trying to analyze how this despicable person became The leader of our country, morning of the potential dearhs that will happen by the tens of thousands during the next four years.

Voters of America were more concerned about the money they pay for insurance than the ramifications of killing the AMA which protects and gives me life. Reinstitution of the pre-existing at as well as lifetime caps is a complete death sentence for those of us with chronic it was his.

The PIP United group has no philosophy at this point,  how can we help each other when we will never receive help? The general public do not understand what they have done. This is a sad day in American history. The only hope that I may have is that there will be an underground or a black market for immunoglobulin for the chronically ill. Medicare will no longer exist, despite what people believe.

How can how can we plan how can we save our lives how can we know we will be here at the end of his term? I’m not willing to die, and I will fight with every last breath that I have.

How, how, how did this rapist of a 13 year old girl, racist, crap become the leader of our country?

Shall there be a Civil War? Our Congress is all now Republican dominated, he will not be impeached. One potential option to American people may be  to move to another country, other countries will not take this with her pre-existing conditions what are our options? I research this option, if you’re reading this and you’re concerned about your life sustaining medications, and you have family in Canada you can go to Canada and receive healthcare it will be no medical screening. I unfortunately do not have this option.

It’s worth a shot:Impeach Trump

Few presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson 1868

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