Evidence from the Insurance Commisioners submitted to trump and the Senate 5/17/17. Proof Republicans have not paid insurers the risk corridors and sabatoged ACA by forcing insurers out of states, & forcing raised premiums. While at the same time lying to the American PUBLIC that ACA was broken, they didn’t happen to mention the ACA WAS SABATOGED by the entire REPUBLICAN PARTY, in a pre mediatated manner that will risk literally MILLIONS of lives.

The song and dance that is prevalent, republicans insisting that insurers are pulling out of the marketplace because of the failed ACA. As PREDICTED, is 100% LIES. The General public are unaware of the strategies employed by the Republicans, lobbyist, and entities that provide evidence that patient health is irrelevant when it comes to their profits. This runs deep, complex and evil, the bottom line is human health and life are a casualty as profit, is their only wicked-vision. Quite frankly, sick or healthy citizens interferes with their power, politics, and profit. As stated throughout the blog, the ACA was never fully implemented, because the Republicans, with the help of their money-backers, stopped it, with every avenue possible. When the republicans stopped the reserved funds, known as “risk corridors” These funds were reserved for insurance companies to revive from any losses, and are sitting in a reserve because the republicans refuse to pay the insurances. The republicans methodically with COMPLETE pre-mediation, froze BILLIONS of funds that were to be allocated to the insurers. The insurers, were not, and have not been paid, directly as a result of the republican sabatoge of the risk corridors.
While Republicans, ESPECIALLY PAUL RYAN, amongst many others, cry publicly how the ACA is a broken system. Screaming statements, “that insurers are pulling out of states, and rate increases”—all due to what they instigated as a system to fail, and banking on the ignorance of Americans. They knew WHY the ACA was failing–it is a direct result of EVERY REPUBLICAN and PROFIT DRIVEN Agency, THAT HAS PUT PARTY OVER PEOPLE.
The INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS sent the following letter to trump and senate….it spells the truth. If this administration does not act now to save millions, the knowledge is in front of you. READ, PRINT, SHARE, ACT- GET INVOLVED.

Evidence the Republican Party has sabotaged the ACA, withheld payments from insurance companies, forcing pullouts and raised rates

Insurance commissioners provide evidence of republicans withholding funds to sabatoge aca

letter from insurance commissioners. 1 to Trump Admin, 1 to Senate.


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