Action Alert protect your health, via IDF. Speaker of the house Paul Ryan’s uneducated guesstimate about ACA, fiction, nor fact.


The IDF Has posted another ACTION ALERT: DO NOT DELAY SIGnimg this. Senate will have enacted on ACA ny the end of the weekend.


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: “Obamacare has failed” he cannot and will not provide one bit of fact. If he could, he would. In fact, POTUS, will do exactly, what Paul Ryan says, eliminate Obamacare.  anticipating trumps new EO will focus on ACA, probably by the end of the week.The Facts and Patients that this will affect are staggering. Data is rampant, on what the repeal will do, especially to those who rely on insurance.


The last few weeks, America has witnessed acts in Washington, that are incomprehensible, shocking, and what trump and his swamp want, are instilling rampant division, uncertainty and primarily fear. Of course, this blogs intent is focusing on what may impact those with a Rare Disease. Viewing our current state of the country, and on the larger scale, the very safety net that comforted us, Our Freedom. Of recent, atrocities continue to mount. Unconstitutional Executive Orders that infringe upon what this very country was founded on. Civil Rights are being stomped on, mis-use and abuse of power. Not only by trump, but Senate, the House, Congress, our own state governors. Once, ally countries, are refusing to meet with our nations senior officials. Tonight trump fired, the first hero in what is now being made history. She refused to support his Muslim Ban of Americans, yes Americans. It’s terrifying. We do not live in a bubble with our own ailments, the once Democratic society, does not exist.

What do we do? In all areas of our lives? It is mind boggling. We can continue to call, send postcards, join the movements, and follow very closely what is happening in WA. If he does not get impeached, in 2018, as a country, WE Need to get these elected officials OUT OF OFFICE. They are not protecting their constituents. Follow your state Reps., SENATORS, congresspersons . We will be covered by insurance, of some sort until the end if 2017. UNLESS the EO signed by trump on 01/20/17, can be misconstrued by the insurance companies, to benefit them.
If you continue to get your meds, supplies, etc., STOCK UP. I cannot underscore the importance of that.
When you get ill, and for example, you know you need prednisone , start stocking up NOW? Most of us have a closet or more, of meds, keep adding to it, if possible.
ABs are another serious option those without a working immune system need to secure.
When millions lose health insurance, the preventative services (immunizations, flue, etc)., we will be more susceptible to getting ill.
Also, try to get all of your personal identifications, social security cards, insurance papers, and even pertinent diagnostic medical paperwork, and at minimal a month supply of meds., including epipens, inhalers, etc., along with different increments of cash. Put these main items in a metal box of some sort. If you would have to leave in a hurry, you will be able to grab your box. God forbid, that shall ever be needed. If it will be, it will save precious time, if needed to leave quickly.
We do not know what will happen next, we must prepare.
The events that have occurred have shocked me to the core….and I just received my first shipment this week for 2017!!
I was concerned about helping all those on Medicare, and my own igg had lapsed.
There are many groups that are opposing our current political mess. Feel free to join them. You can make a difference. It’s just a phone call, a post card, and most importantly, prayer.

What do you think?

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