The Gateway to the Current Health-Care Chaos: 21st Century Cures Act (#Cures)

The 21st Century Health Care Act (#Cures) was masqueraded as a Bill to advance health-care, treatment, and research into the next Century. Instead, the 21st Century Health Care Law was a chess-like maneuver spiraling America back decades. The fraud, bribery, and greed of the 21st Century Health Care Act (#Cures) voiced by Senator Warren are occurring. What is certain, is that #Cures was a purposeful manipulation of profit and politics, and patients represent the pawns.

The 21st Century Cures Act (AKA #Cures)was praised as advancing science and medicine into concise and effective developments and treatments for illnesses. Cures proponents claimed medical care and treatments would evolve to higher standards advancing into the the 21st Century. Instead, the development of the #Cures bill, now 21st Century Cures Act is the snowball that began the avalanche. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was one of the few Senators that refused to vote for the 21st Century Cures Act (AKA #Cures).

Note: The 21st Century Cures Act is the law that was signed by President Obama. Also known, as #CURES. The 21st Century Cures Act and #Cures mean the same thing, used interchangeably. Hint: I know we all know this NOW; it is like Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Obamacare-2 names, same thing 🙂

The 21st Century Cures Act PERMITTED the health care political crisis to occur. The consistent threats to abolish American rights of access to care, treatment, and even prolonged life began by the signing of 21st Century Cures Act. As we reflect on what millions have worried about daily, their health-care, and the persons who have the power over their life and death. We can look into the provisions of Cures.

SIDE NOTE: The last amendments to the 21st Century Cures Act were presented in July 2016. There are not any recorded last minute “Bait and Switch” or “Trick” tactics. The politicians & lobbyist who did not approve of the Final Bill presented their opinions, facts, and funds to derail #Cures. Likewise, those who approved of the Bill with Amendments from 07/2016 did nothing and were aware of the last amendments. A DEATH TOLL WAS EXPECTED. See the end of this blog for a surprising opponent.

The Republican agenda, was crystal clear when they drafted Cures. One just need to remember the last 9 months and the behaviors, actions, motives, money, power, lies, and deceit just as written in #Cures. Coincidentally, 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law by President Obama in December. As a novice, upon reading (and re-reading) the #Cures law, I was able to see many discrepancies in #Cures last December as a beginner blogger (no hate for the horrid typos and structure :0) here,here, here, and here.

In November of 2016, Sen. Warren stated the blatant truth, ““I cannot vote for this bill,’’ Warren said on the Senate floor, speaking to a mostly vacant chamber.

I will fight it because I know the difference between compromise and extortion.”

Those words ring loud and clear 9 months after the passage of #Cures, and the later chaos many families have endured due to the 2017 political-healthcare climate.

21st Century Cures Act (#Cures) WILL: First giveaway – legalize fraud; Second giveaway – cover up bribery;Third giveaway – hand out dangerous, special deals to Republican campaign contributors (Senator Warren, Elizabeth). Source: HERE

Senator Warrens background as a Speech and Language Pathologist, may have her in the unique position that Washington fails the American people. Respectfully, Sen. Warren is one of the few that are educated, and understand the personal, familiar (family), medical, and unethical consequences of the #Cures Act. Unique to her peers, she is not motivated by financial lobbyists. Consider signing the Petition created by Sen. Warren on the side bar and at the end of this blog. I am aware we are WAY past November 2016 :). By circulating this information the public can gather more information about the historical beginning of the 2017 battle for health-care.

#CURES is the contrary to its namesake. The 1000 page law, is far from any cure. Most citizens expect their medications, that are effective, to treat their individualized conditions. The medications we take should come from a reliable source. After all, we are not ordering high-dollar medications from China. Right? The supposed price tag, mark up, inflation, is sometimes justified because of the valid research and pharmaceutical development followed by FDA stringent guidelines necessary prior to patient-usage. NOT.SO.WITH.CURES.

As predicted, #Cures is what has led to the current health care tug-of-war of patient lives or padding political pockets in America.

Whats wrong with the 21st Century Cures Act?

PROFIT. Warren stated her concerns with the 21st Century Cures Act in November 2016:
Legalize Fraud:Pushing treatments without scientific evidence that they work is fraud
Cover up Bribery: Drug companies keep secret gifts associated with “medical education” in exchange for prescribing specific medication
Hand out dangerous, special deals to Republican campaign contributors (i.e.,Mitch McConnell): It delivers a special deal (cellular and regenerative therapy)people can sell dangerous treatments without meeting the FDA gold standards for protecting patient safety and making sure these drugs personalized for a specific condition.

The 21st Century Cures Act, or #Cures Set the Momentum for Current Health Care Crisis in America

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Several Key Organizations are Working Together, to FIX Cures. Individuals: Take Action Now.

Notice: Do not be fooled as now, specific supporters are now back peddling their way out of their support of Cures, a little late, heh? Excuses abound. Mainly, “Congress Fooled Us, and at the Last Minute Changed the Legislation“.

  • July 2016 Revision of CURES: Page 295:
  • As mentioned in the earlier blog post, key organizations, manufactures, and others are making an active effort to Keep Infusions in the Home, and amend  Cures. Key Organizations include,  Cardiac Infusion Centers, John Hopkins, and the support continues to grow. BUT, be wise. There is a REASON for this mentality, of thought and actions.

    Upon reviewing current “Action Alerts” that tell, interested parties of needed support. It appears the link, is “DEAD”,  as linked by one particular group that supports the coalition.

    Since, time is of the essence, to let your voice be heard, I am REPOSTING the direct link:

    To Date, a few organizations, agencies, manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, and other interested parties are in SUPPORT and WORKING TOGETHER for the United Good of the Patients, and their health.
    Don’t Be Fooled, Money Talks. Some of the Agencies, once the truth hit, have back peddled. BE SMART!

    Notice: Do not be fooled as now, specific supporters are now back peddling their way out of their support. Excuses abound. Mainly, “Congress Fooled Us, and at the Last Minute Changed the Legislation“.

  • July 2016 Revision of CURES: Page 295:
    July 2016 Legislation Supports Facts of the Medicare Cuts

    The Few Organizations, Manufacturers, and Senators who OPPOSED #Cures. A few can be perceived as, “mitigating damages of their peers ($$$)“. In order to not “alarm” patients. Really. That is how they think, what they say,
    and their actions speak louder than their “words”. IF you are not desperate to belong to a community that basis their revenue on social psychology tactics, plays on the insecurities of many persons suffering with long term and chronic illnesses, and uses hope of belonging to a very desperate, and rare population base. Your in the right place.
    It is an abuse of the very population they purport to advocate. Again, think smart.



    Attribution: The 700 Groups that Supported the 21st Century Cures Act:

    July 2016 Legislation:

  • Decephiring #Cures 2: A Formal Summary, and Solution. Take Action.

    Keep Infusions at Home, take action! Summary, proposed solutions, and the Appeal of the ACA by Senate.

    The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA), a patient focused organization, disagreed with #Cures Legislation from conception.  The Summary of the effect of Cures, released 01/11/17, is below. The NHIA has proposed a method to “fix” the current #Cures law. The NHIA has launched a campaign to KEEP INFUSIONS AT HOME. Also, a comprehensive website developed for the coalition to fix #Cures (known as the ASP, to us) is located at (bookmark and save the below link):


    The NHIA has Launched Sign-On Coalition Letter to Fix ASP Reimbursement Gaps, and are supported by a variety of organizations. I urge patients, caregiver, and any interested party, to sign, advocate, and become involved. The deadline to sign the Coalition against ASP is January 24, 2017. FInd the link to sign below:

    Take Action

    For Individuals: Help us fix a law that is changing life for patients across America.

    The following is a Summary, from the NHIA about how Cures, will affect the population of PI patients, that infuse via SCIG:



    The following is published on the NHIAs website. For ease of understanding, Specialty Pharmacy News,  spoke to NHIA about the ASP Reimbursement (Cures, Sections 5004; 5012) and summarizes how Cures will affect patients who infuse SCIG:

    NHIA Launches Sign-On Coalition Letter to Fix ASP Reimbursement Gap:


    This blog post  identifies how to understand and “fix” the #cures act. Remember, when CMS (Medicare) changes policies, health insurance plans ALL follow suit.

    ⌛️Of recent significance, is the Approval by Senate, on 1/11/17, to repeal ACA. The repeal of the ACA is a certainty that our country, and the health of our citizens are moving in the wrong direction. The effects of  repealing  ACA (Obama care) are significant, specifically those with chronic and rare diseases. It IS  important that each citizen, patient, and loved one, who values their life;  Keep abreast of the current political changes that are being made in Washington. It may be easier, to ignore, these travesties. Or believe hearsay, propaganda and the like, which is EXACTLY how the United States has seen the very quick decline with our economics, our political leaders, our health care situation, and every single aspect since 11//2016. PROPAGANDA.  Ignoring these changes, will certainly make living, a healthy life, harder for ourselves, and our loved ones. We, as a nation, and a community, must continue to educate one another. Keep Informed and TAKE ACTION.

    The consequences of repealing the ACA, are disastrous for ALL citizens. Contrary, to what many felt an unnecessary financial burden. The ACA provided protection for the citizen. Once, the repeal of the ACA, passes Congress: the ACA will almost no longer exist. There are many rumors flying around, and most “informational” support groups, are banning the patients from speaking.   One thing is certain, and the law,  Senate approved the repeal on 01/11/17, and the Repeal was approved by a simple majority vote. Once the House approves the measure, rumored as early as next week, a repeal legislation will be drafted, both Houses vote on it, its repeal passes-or fails-by simple majority vote, and onto trump. However, this repeal  of ACA does have limitations.

    ***Update: The ACA Repeal was approved by the Congress on 01/13/17.

    ?There has been a new BILL INTRODUCED BY Sen. TED CRUZ (R-TX) on 01/12/16 to DISMANTLE the ACA entirely, co-sponsored by Sen. Lee, Mike (R-UT), Sen. Rubio, Marco (R-Fl), and Sen. Paul, Rand (R-KY):  S.106

    “A bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 entirely”

    Click here for updates:

    Voice your criticisms NOW to HALT the complete demolition of the ACA:Obama care. Preexisting conditions, life-time maximums, unlimited OOPs determined by Insurers, and UNINSURABLE Status will become effective.





    What can we expect?

    WHEN the ACA DIES, so do *most-ALL if (S. 106 passes) of the provisions set within the ACA that  protect the patient. Potentially, this blog may address the ACA repeal. Ultimately, contacting your state legislature is the only option, that is absolutely needed at this moment. is a resource to use to gauge and check the current bills and legislation activities.  It IS a wise idea that one contact via email, phone, or snail mail their political leaders of your state, and let them hear your voice, opinions, and stories.
















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