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September is Sepsis Awareness Month. Get Ahead of Sepsis is a national effort to improve sepsis early suspicion and recognition and timely treatment, as well as prevent infections that could lead to sepsis.


September is Sepsis Awareness Month. A topic close to me, as I lost a close family member last October due to Sepsis. She went into the hospital for an unrelated and non-emergency medical procedure. She died two weeks later, in the hospital from Sepsis.

Although, the CDC states that Sepsis begins outside of the hospital for nearly 80% of patients. A CDC evaluation found 7 in 10 patients with sepsis had recently used health care services or had chronic diseases requiring frequent medical care.

Four types of infections are most often associated with sepsis: lung, urinary tract, skin, and gut.


Protect Yourself From Sepsis
Be Informed about Sepsis
Protect Yourself and Your Family From Sepsis


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When Will This Headache Stop?

A constant, one-sided headache that does not respond to any treatment and last It’s not a Migraine, in fact typical Migraine Medications make it worse. Guess what? I will save you the legwork because their is a condition and treatment for this debilitating chronic headache! It’s another “rare” diagnosis–because we are lucky like that 😂. There is also ONE treatment that works, and once you find out about it, you will appreciate it. Research is slowly coming out, the new “herbal” supplement is claimed as Melatonin, nope, melatonin did not work for me. Read on…

When Will This Headache Stop?

IN 4 Days: Skin on Elbow and Hand was Dead

In 4 days what first looked like a minor scrape, was a crater, quadrupled in size, the flesh from elbow and hand dead. The bacteria entered directly through skin, no entrance via cut, bug bite, scratch and spread rapidly

[contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true"/][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true"/][contact-field label="Website" type="url"/][contact-field label="”Message”" type="”</p>" <p><strong>UPDATED /> What you see below may not be cellulitis. As I’ve been told by a trusted specialist that’s cellulitis does not continue to re occur in the same place. I have battled this excruciating condition since late May. I do not know what it is, it continues to reappear in the same locations, extremely painful, and as you can see is very rapid. I’ve been on several antibiotics since May and I continue to get these /> If anyone has experienced such, please help me to figure this out.</p> <p>As a person with a Primary Immune (PI)deficiency I am pretty “anal” about /> A germapobe, I am. Long before the PI diagnosis: I go out of my way to avoid any contaminates. Which is why the following story has me questioning: Where and how did I contract a skin eating bacteria.</p> <p>Four days ago, I mentioned to my son, “my elbow was really hurting”. A weird statement for me. As I endure a lot more pain than what appeared As a scrape on my elbow. </p> <p>The pain had bothered me for a while, I ignored it. When leaning on a hard surface I cradled my elbow with my palm. My son, had mentioned, “Yes, the small scrapes seem to hurt the most”. I agreed. A bit later, he said, “Mom, that does not look like a scrape”. </p> <p>Although, it was a small red area on the bony part of my elbow, I was unable to see it. So, he snapped a picture. Enlarging the pictures he said, “this looks like pieces of glass”. Indeed, I surprised myself how odd this “scratch” appeared. Maybe a form of psoriasis or /> [caption id="attachment_9271" align="aligncenter" width="768"/] That’s one weird scratch[/caption]

I then notice a slight irritation on my palm and finger. Weird. I applied some topical medication, and bandaged my elbow and hand and went to bed.

Day 2:
Removing the bandages. My little photographer was the first to see if this, “scrape” was improving. I was curious if it was at least scabbing. As the pain was pretty intense. The photos show no scabbing, but indentations. My concern began to mount. As my IGg levels are decreasing, I’m very susceptible to all bacteria, viruses, fungus. I’ve limited all activities, realizing that I am prone to serious infections. No scabbing, and complete change in appearance, concerns me.

The once broken glass appearance was now a sunken indentation.

The life-long patient that I am, I began researching what the heck this was. My husband, just realizing the situation, thought a possible spider bite. We ran through so many scenarios. He, and my kids suggested to go to the doctor. Absolutely NOT. As a chronic patient, going to the doctor exposes me to many more germs. As well, I have , learned how to take care of various illnesses. It’s exhausting explaining CVID to the medical field. Risking get very ill, and going in for a strange “painful-scrape-turned-glass-turned-crater” was not what I had the energy for. After researching for hours on dermatology, skin infections, insect or spider bites. There was not any connection.

Day 3:
The bandage pulled off, and the look on my child’s face was worrisome. I asked, really hoping, “does it look better”? The reply, “Mom go wash it off, looks like some cream is on it”
I did. I could see some type of transparent film covering the area. Thinking it was padding from the gauze. Ummmm, no. It was the skin.

Day 4: The Skin sloughing grew larger, peeling off layers as I took off the protective covering. I decided, I need medical advice.

*The Diagnosis: Cellulitis
*My Case: It is not unusual that I have complications that are not technically diagnosable. Again, I have a rare disease, and research is limited. My manifestations are certainly a concern. Although, typically persons contract Cellultis on their feet or legs. The bacteria travel through an open cut or bite. I had neither. Especially, the palm of my hand. The bacteria were able to infiltrate the layers of my skin without an actual entry point, as those with cellulitis contract it.
*Complications: The bacteria may travel to lymph nodes and into the bloodstream. This can lead to a blood infection or permanently damage lymph vessels, which are part of your immune system. Other complications can also develop. – See more at:
Causes: cellulitis is caused by two types of bacteria:
Streptococcus and staphylococcus
*Staphylococcus aureus is the most dangerous of all the many common Staphylococcus bacteria.
Causing the antibiotic resistant MRSA and Sepsis.
mrsa poster

Lesson Learned: For myself, family and others. Staph naturally lives in most people’s nose, and other body parts. If you blow your nose, etc., and touch any open access point (cut, blister, dry skin). The staph is then introduced into your body, potentially creating the above case. Keep all open wounds covered with an antibiotic cream and bandaged until scabbed over. Wash your hands frequently!
Don’t Open the Door to Germs

Tomorrow is Day 5: I have begun the antibiotic regime, and care of the site. If all goes well, This crater will heal. If it does not I will have intravenous antibiotics.

Accidental Blogger, Political Watchdog, & Patient Advocate: Need 100 Followers & Reader Interest for Future Blogs! Complete Topics of Interest!

What are your interests? Saving money, raising children or tending to others when your struggling, easy and healthy meal ideas, community resources, merchandise, services,medications, opinions or otherwise?

I’ve become an accidental blogger. It’s ironic that I have–zero interest in (legislation, politics), what bored me to tears. And, lack of trust in many fields (medical) has become the focal point for advocacy. I, realize the need for proactive truth. Which is what I try to convey. Alone, yep. Alone, or so it seems. I continue to have faith, that if one bit of Information can help another person suffering. It is worth it.

Back to blogging (journaling or reporting); I am no expert, of any literary background. Given all the typos, and tendinitis and vision difficulties. Im not a professional blogger, nor political expert,  nor did I, at one point, think those that were to protect the people, were the ones purportedly expecting “casualties”, when preventable. The infinite web of poison continues to grow, and grow, disproportionately and more recently it’s not Positive.

I’m growing weary of reporting such negativity, action alerts–urgent news that needs to made public from the source, not MSNBC! I’m continually devising proactive resources, in preparation.

My audience is not near proportionate numbers to other blogs. Many reasons, Invisible Illnesses are not of interest. Most truly do not want to think of such. Many are on Facebook reposting news from January, and are not current. Many again, are sheep being led to the slaughter, many have been threatened, and many are cowards. There is a story behind, what I said, with evidence. I will eventually expand on that, but not now.

Pipunited is changing up the topics, (as so much doom and gloom, is depressing). My question, as I search correct blog critique, is what are the readers interested in?

I have a personal goal, once my followers reach ?. I will splurge on a real website, a real blog!!! I can post videos, and I will have so many additional options to reach many more people that will have the option to become proactive.

What are your interests? Saving money, raising children or tending to others when your struggling, easy and healthy meal ideas, community resources, merchandise, services,medications, opinions or otherwise? 

I am expanding!  There are so many other obstacles that we face. Good, practical, ideas are needed of what my followers are interested in!  Fill in the contact form below–let’s get this party rolling!