What are Essential Health Care Benefits, Pre Existing Conditions and What Happened?

Have you heard terms, regarding TRUMPCARE (AHCA) and your not familiar with them? Specific documents related to #AHCA are here.

Have you heard terms, about TRUMPCARE (AHCA) and you’re not familiar with them? Would you like to view specific and factual legislation?

The drop down menu titled “DOCUMENTS” is where you can find the specific information.
06/23/17: Senate Healthcare Bill #AHCA
Patient Protections Affordable Care Act (PG 163 ACA Coverages of Essential Health Benefits-EHBs)
CMS Financial Impact of the #AHCA 2017 (06/13/17)
Full #AHCA Bill Passed By Congress
Congress that voted on #AHCA results,

ESSENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS (EHBs), Pre-Existing Conditions (Non inclusive to date), Patient Affordability and Protections Act (ACA), the CBO analysis MacArthurs Amendment and Meadows Amendments.
Given the timelines of various factors that have landed the USA in the healthcare crisis. One may want to read through the blog. It’s tedious and more information that I can sum up in one blog post. If you scroll through the blog, you will also find other important And key documents, that have not been added. Which will help you to understand the current crisis in healthcare.