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SECURITY UPDATES: IF you get blog updates by the “FEEDLY” (See photo below) interface this method of “FOLLOW” PIPUNITED/Invisible Illnesses United will be discontinued on 11/17/17. Instead, sign up for SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG (first tab on right). As a proactive measure we are planning numerous security enhancements and will continue to secure Invisible Illnesses/PIPUNITED from any leaks, to secure your privacy, and ours.

SECURITY UPDATES: IF you get blog updates by the “FEEDLY” (See photo below) interface (SPECIFIC FEEDS), Due to potential security risks, this method of “FOLLOW” will be discontinued on 11/17/17. Instead, sign up for SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG (first tab on right). Numerous security enhancements will continue to develop to secure Invisible Illnesses from any leaks.

There has not been a breach with our site. We are taking proactive methods and want to send those of you who receive updates via FEEDLY to subscribe with the alternative method.

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Ongoing security updates to follow. As stated in September the real dangers of the internet and how to protect Yourself. The same applies to the security of our subscribers and visitors. We are not to be indexed by G**gle, and other potential evasions of any privacy. As well as weeding out the undesirables (bots, loggers, isp extractors, spies, etc.) More to come!


Privacy Pitfalls of Technology & Protecting Yourself

Some Serious Food For 💭 Thought! Did you know that PIPUNITED purposely denies access to bots, analytics and other data minors? Now, what can you do to stay off the bot radar? Why do you want to? WHY YOU NEED TO, especially with a chronic illness. What I have learned in the past year, from running the back-end of a website–will knock your socks off. Being able to protect yourself, and your family, is priority number #1. PIPUNITEDS mission is to educate, and empower the patient. Read and re-read and become empowered to take back your personal privacy. I have learned:

Did you know? PIPUNITED is not on Google analytics?

PIPUNITED purposely denies bot access to this website site, AND voluntarily pays extra to get that “s” after the http. That “s” defines a secure connection

Do you know what that means?

Pitfalls of technology
Take Back your Privacy: ASAP!

Epic Browser does not collect data about its users and comes with built-in ad blocking.
Jump to the end of this blog post for the browsers that are privacy protecting today!
Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know, as I am still learning myself. Basically, a complete loss of Personal Privacy, due to highly advanced computer programming. Ever wonder why pop-ups or ads appear on a completely unrelated search targeted toward your personal preferences?

You got it.

Not that you, or I, would do anything that violates any laws or rules, it’s the basic aspect of Privacy. That I DO respect🎗️.

Privacy Matters!

I have made the active decision that my site information, and my visitor information NOT be catalogued by the billions (not kidding) of Google, and other bots.

💥Yes, I lose thousands, if not tens of thousands, of active views 🙁 because of my conscience choice of personal Privacy 🙂

Personal Privacy is becoming more difficult to keep, short of throwing all electronics into the trash, which I may well do eventually.

With the chaos that we are seeing in America and the world. For many reasons, it is not safe to exclusively rely solely on technology. As an example, I realized this and called my local phone company and requested a LANDLINE phone. The technician shows up ready to install VOIP. Do you see what’s wrong with that picture!?! NO, VOIP is NOT a landline and is of NO USE! Not sure of my readers ages, but land line phones are not dependent on data or electric.

Landline Phone

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here, as I WANT my site, and the information to be useful for humans, especially patients and families, not data miners, not statistical data, not for greed.

Until there is a safe way of doing so, PiPUNITED respects privacy. At the same time, I lose many potential readers by opting out of public analytics.

  • This is one reason word of mouth about my site is important. Blocking indexing, analytics, ISP Access, etc., this site content by 🕷 spiders and bots, really is a trade-off of sorts, as many patients have no idea that we exist. That’s why I am asking you, to tell your peers, to take a peek at this site. It’s valuable and honest information guaranteed that you won’t find anywhere else.
    If you do, happen across the larger patient organization sites, as I did. That they use active software to mine patient data, believe me, it’s not random when your being targeted by them. It is a clear-cut method, involving 3 key entities. Their goal: Greed.

    THINK 💭 about it, how much are our medications? $10,000 and UP a month; One patient, is one salary, in a year. ONE.

    I’m working on putting these pieces together in a coherent fashion for the reader to understand, the tactics and methods used. Heck, it’s actually becoming an

    e-Book. I’ll make that an exclusive for my followers only.

    ▶️▶️▶️For now, try to digest some steps you can take to protect your and yours families privacy.

    It is important, for me to continue blocking this non-patient population, (the baddies) when it means a loss of patient privacy.

Which I am NOT willing to sacrifice.

When the content is specific to patients, and families. Its even more crucial to safeguard privacy. I’ll go without AdSen#e, and a ton of other affiliates, that millions of bloggers use to support, and profit, from their websites.

I do believe in Amazon. I have found specific supplements that increase my quality of life only available on Amazon.

From time to time I will address the item and its benefits. As of this date, to my knowledge, Amazon takes customer privacy seriously. Until I find out different, I will give my personal experience, both good and bad, on specific items only available on Amazon that I use and buy myself.

Now, what can you do to stay off the bot radar? Some things what I have learned:

  • First, Google is NOT your friend. Neither is Apple. That leaves most folks wondering, hmm. (Me too…)
  • Change your default browser (Google and Safari are not safe) to a browser that reports not to track you. (Opera and Mozilla are a current go to for many). There are many others, like Tor-very slow. Review their privacy policies, and try out the connection before you commit to one or two.
  • Change your Search Engine Duckduckgo and Opera (from now on) are search engines that are useful for this. Read their statement here:

  • If your home is on a network, or you use public hotspots or wi-fi you NEED a VPN (Virtual Private Network). As your Internet Service Provider can now search and view history legally (thanks Trump) and sell this data. VPN can be difficult to figure out if you’re not computer savvy, choose wisely. Google, Safari and Chrome both keep a lot, if not all, of your data. If you have backups of logins and passwords, extract that information from your current browser. Invest a small bit of cash to keep your passwords strong and secure–separate from your browser. Change your default browser to a browser that respects privacy, and auto disables ads, or install an ad-on for this purpose. I’ve used a dozen free VPN and every one leaked information, or slowed it to a turtles pace. Without knowing the VPN loses connection your vulnerable to a loss of information while online.

Famous for decades, for computer security: Norton. Which have upped the ante on security from wi-fi to family accounts. I am not endorsing Norton, as they have their pitfalls also.

  • On both PC, IOS and Androids the browser, Opera “Mini’ has a built-in VPN. Some devices have a separate app called, Opera VPN. Opera VPN only works while browsing Opera. Supposedly, Mozilla is comparable to Opera. Make sure the VPN is on prior to browsing the web in Opera! In the settings double-check:

Block Pop Ups is on, I also reject cookies. As well as java and frames…..and I’m getting to technical….

  • Browse incognito, set the settings to clear cookies, cache, browsing history when you close your incognito mode.

Firefox (Mozilla) browser is another browser that claims they do not sell private information. See:
Firefox also claims they can help keep you safer while in apps on Android. They have released a “lightweight” app for IOS (Apple) and Android called “Focus”. I haven’t tried it, yet. Although now, I can’t vouch for any in-app security, if that is your thing!

YouTube is a heavy breach of personal security. Sadly, I’ve found Androids are also. Both directly owned/partnerships with google. If you store a lot of sensitive documents on G drive or the Cloud you might want to reconsider moving those documents to a good old filing cabinet! Social media is the glue that puts all these pieces together, be aware!

One more thing, if you don’t already know turn off the meta and geo tags AND GPS! on all devices that you have for your cameras. Check this often as many updates auto-enable the location-based services which are embedded in your photos. 🎉🎉🎉🎉Why would you care if you are always and only going to Doctor visits, blood drawn, tests run, pharmacy etc.? Remember what I said above about the big 3? That’s why you should care. There is a REASON HIPPA Applies to the medical field! Food for thought until I get the e-book wrapped 🎁 up!

I would love to hear from other users their online privacy and safety techniques.

Be Safe Online!
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pippy
Privacy Browsers as of 08/2017: