Trump Threatens to Punish Alaska for a Senator’s #Trumpcare no vote: Mafia Threats to Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Senator Lisa Murkowski, The Hero of the Republican Senate voted NO on the Motion To Proceed, BCRA, and Straight Repeal. A NO vote could have saved Millions of lives. Trump is blackmailing Murkowski by threatening “MOB/Mafia” intervention. Including, extortion by crippling Alaskas Energy and Arctic Drilling economy. Trumps motive is to force a yes healthcare vote from Sen. Murkowski, through tactics that are unheard of by the president of the USA, to a US Senator. Murkowski needs American citizens to show our appreciation of her dedication to the American people especially after today’s events.

TRUMP BLACKMAILS Sen. Murkowski (AK) and *Sen. Dan Sullivan over healthcare Vote:

▶️ Trump administration signals that Murkowski’s health care vote could have energy repercussions for Alaska.

▶️The interior secretary told Murkowski and Sullivan her vote put Alaska’s future with the administration in jeopardy.
THEN Continues the blackmail:

▶️On the line: nominations of Alaskans to Interior posts, the King Cove road and future Arctic drilling opportunities

▶️ Included in the blackmail trump threatens to bring in the mob/mafia.
I stated earlier in the blog on 07/26/17, that Sen. Murkowski seemed to be flip-flopping. Now we know why. Trump threatens to wipe out Alaska, and Sen. Murkowski.

✅She postponed committee hearings indefinitely for Interior & Energy Dept. confirmations effective today.

*Sen., Dan Sullivan is a weak-link, with no back bone. No hope for him.

If the rumor is true, she has allies heading her way tomorrow. Wether or not, this makes a difference, only time will tell.

I continue to support her bravery…across all social media the trolls are condemning, chastising, and berating her. She MUST, MUST have positive reception from the American People.

Let Sen. Murkowski KNOW that she is supported by millions of Americans. Encourage her to not cave into Trumps extortion and blackmail
Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: (907) 271-3735
Toll Free: 1-877-829-6030

On Another Note:

No Votes on Straight Repeal (DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH ON THIS): The gestures are my opinion from earlier votes by the specific Senators.

Alexander TN 🖕🏻
Capito WV 🤞🏼
Collins ME 👍🏻
Heller NV 🖕🏻
McCain AZ 🖕🏻
Murkowski AK 👍🏻

Senate Healthcare: Who, What, When, and Who Knows Why

I can’t get what is happening to millions of Americans out of my mind. The nagging and worry is horrid. So, here is a quick rundown of what happens next. Where We GO from here:

I said I would not do it….I can’t get what is happening to millions of America’s out of my mind. The nagging and worry are horrid. So, here is a quick rundown of what happens next.
Where We GO from here:

Follow the following link for graphic-Chart updates: HERE
The BCRA here. After all the blabbing from McCain, he voted on the BCRA also.


Skinny Repeal: Who knows….

Yes, the Senate Democrats, in theory could prolong the law by introducing amendments, until 09/30/18. They would need about 9,300 amendments related to the health care bills.
Over 30,000 amendments were submitted by INDIVISIBLE. As blogged here And here.

All Rep. Senators, except two, voted for the MTP. The two Republican Senators, that will go down in history as heroes are women. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are the two Republicans who voted against the Motion to Proceed (MTP). Both of these Senators need immediate positive feedback as they are being intimidated by their party. As of 07/26/17 Sen. Murkowski, seems to be flopping under the Republican Senate Pressure.

CALL, Fax, contact your Democratic Senators. Immediate response of disapproval. Demand that your Democratic Senators REFUSE the SKINNY Amendment. The SKINNY AMMENDMENT IS A “TROJAN HORSE”.

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