Invisible Illness: Imploding From The Inside Out

Life seems to become more of a battle and you feel your losing control. Unable to do half of what you did a few years ago.

Life seems to become more of a battle and you feel your losing control. Unable to do half of what you did a few years ago. The weight of an “Invisible Illnesses” is now gaining more of your life, and its taking to much from you. We, who battle Invisible Illnesses, invest more than committing to daily routines. Over a prolonged period of time, each exertion of physical, mental, or emotional energy, is a trade-off for the internal physical damage to our body.


Have you kept up with the demands of “life” nonstop?  Internally aging significantly faster than your friends or peers?  Do you feel like you don’t have a lick of energy for anyone or anything?

Other than basic survival mode?

Sometimes, more often than not, I have those days, weeks, and months. Am I the only one that feels this way? Is it sporadic for some? Constant for others? Or not at all?

Are you still in the “conquering mode”? In other words, “pushing forward” to maintain the constant responsibilities of life;  taking care of the spouse, kids, or parents, the bills, the extended families, the job, the meals, the shopping, the juggling act so many of us find ourselves in. Then of course, the endless last minute “triggers” that seem to derail even the most well-thought out plans or schedules.  Not to mention the extra time and energy of juggling medications, physician appointments, testing and the list is endless.

Quadruple these daily stressors and events that even the healthiest among us can manage.  Eventually, do you find yourself running out of steam and energy faster? Stressors mounting, forgetting or missing appointments…you may know what I am talking about.

Immune related illnesses, called Autoimmune Diseases or Invisible Illnesses

In essence, I am touching upon the SPOON THEORY. Expanding upon it, and the consequences of the body, eventually imploding earlier than those without an Invisible Illness. Could it be because of the extended stressors when living with an Invisible Illness?

Could the organs have aged faster, due to fighting external stimuli more than our peers?
Do you feel 80 or 90 years old? Yet, your half that age? I am sure if one reads this far… they may be thinking, not me-or yes me! The not-me‘s: I am not defined by my Illness; I also believed the same (and still do at times). The yes-me‘s: spot on.

Defining Implode:

v.  To collapse inward violently.
v.  To cause to collapse inward violently.
v.  To demolish (a building) by causing to collapse inward.

Burden of Pain


What helps you pace or balance the needs of life:  while the weight of your illness feels as if you are slowed to a snails pace?


How do others manage this delicate and serious slippery-slope? What tips can you share that makes living more manageable and productive when living with an Invisible Illness?