The Primary Immune Foundation Encourages the Public to TAKE ACTION: “Congress is working right now to develop legislation that will replace the ACA”–

I wake up every day since the inauguration, with a sense of impending doom. Feeling isolated, afraid, and unprepared. I know, as a collective group, more voices will be heard by Standing Together. Very quickly, Americans civil rights are being stripped away as each new law that is signed by trump.

The enormity of Repeal of the ACA–and collectivly individuals, religious, organizations, and every entity that has a desire to basic healthcare–for some of us basic human rights of life itself, must ban together. We must create a United Front. 

It is encouraging to note that the Primary Immune Foundation (IDF) has developed an Action Plan, Call to Action: Do Not Repeal the ACA and Leave Patients Behind

In addition, to signing the linked Action Plan, remember emails are largely ignored. CALL Your State representatives linked here. January is CRITICAL In slowing the dismantling the ACA.

Find out which of your Senators, Congresspersons, support the ACA Repeal and those who don’t, and respectfully address them. In a future post I will give more details on GOP supporters.



Link to twitter:

(as described above in the Action Call)

Call to Action: Do Not Repeal the ACA and Leave Patients Behind. (2017, January 24). Retrieved January 24, 2017, from
Primary Immune Foundation Courtesy and Attribution: Primary Immune Foundation

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