Transistioning Of #PiPUnited Update

We are at a time in history where Action Alerts depend upon timing and quick, accurate, and honest responses—April 22-29 is World PI Awareness WEEK.

Yep! It’s taking longer than I like to streamline the OFFICIAL KICK OFF of PIPUNITED! Seems good old technology, isn’t so good when it does not WORK!! For now, we can still be found on (here). A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes, and we have not been able to update as we would have liked. A few updates this week: The CDC released  Shigella Strains With Reduced Susceptibility to Ciprofloxacin, one of the main antibiotics used to treat shigellosis. At risk populations included: Immune Compromised.

As well, World PI Week Kicks off 04/22/17, and Canada has introduced the 10 Warning Signs of PI Video, produced by Immunodificiency Canada.  Located here:.

While the transition takes place, there may be some Action Alerts that are necessary to relay to patients.  Due to Congress reconvening from Recess, and Trump and Paul’s promise to massacre the ACA. It is imperative that the information be released as quickly as possible. We are at a time in history where Action Alerts depend upon timing and quick, accurate, and honest responses—be sure to continue to follow any updates on any verifiable media (key word: verifiable 😉 ), keep a close eye on any new legislation, and locate the facts! Refer back to this post to locate your state representatives. As well as post any concerning information to get the word out to the millions that can be impacted.

Some developments have occurred while the sites are down–the proactive folks you are–I know your on top of it–if not, no worries. Just send us a message, or reach out on facebook, or here on facebook, TwitterTumblr OR Email  🙂

Keep in Mind that April 22-29 is World PI Awareness WEEK. Also, remember to be watchful of any discrepencies that may ;( occur while many are focused on this week.



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