URGENT: #TRUMPCARE Goes Before Congress Today. URGENT Contact Your State Reps. Exluding: Medicare, Prescriptions, Hospitalization, etc., (Reconciliation) Contact Information and Script Included in Blog

Contact your congressperson TODAY. TELL them NO on ACHA. EXCLUSIONS will include: PREGNANCY, Maternity, Newborn Care, Mental Health, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, Hospitalization

The ACHA goes before the Congress TODAY. IT is imperative that the ACHA NOT be voted in at the congressional level. CALL and Reach your STATE REPS through all social media outlets ASAP. Trumpcare, known as the American Health Care Act (ACHA) and is a poor replacement for the American Care Act (ACA) AKA Obamacare,   I will give you quick information on making your voice heard, and summarize what the ACHA means for you below. Trump specifically told Congress that if they did NOT support the ACHA they would lose their jobs. They may be outed be Trump, but they can and will be reelected at the General Elections when voted in by the American People for STANDING up for their constituents.

How to find your State Reps: Click on the following link https://callyourrep.co/ or : HERE

Similarly, you can download the Entire Registry HERE

Locate your State Reps

Fill in your Address or Zip Code: Your State Reps will be populated.

Locate Your: House Representative


List of Twitter Handles for Congress: Congress Twitter Handles LIST or here: https://twitter.com/cspan/lists/members-of-congress/members

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A copy of  a Script:



Additionally, many organizations are listing direct links for one to reach your congressional reps., keep in mind email tends to end in the trash (!?). I highly encourage you to use this method of contact also, as well as reaching out via social media, and CALLING.

Primary Immune Deficient Patients (Via IDF) Action Alert:



A few of the basic health care EXCLUSIONS will include: PREGNANCY, Maternity, Newborn Care, Mental Health, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, Hospitalization, and the list is endless.The ACHA is far reaching, and has deadly consequences. It targets the elderly, children, those with existing illnesses, the poor, and basic health care inclusions.

 The Following Health Care Benefits NOW Covered Under ACA will be KILLED


The List below states what is currently covered under federal law (ACA): This LIST IS WHAT THE HCHA WILL ELIMINATE:

Essential Health Care Benefits KILLED - Copy
@RepDonBeyer Representative Don Beyer

Rep. Don BeyerVerified account

In a Nutshell:

cost of hca - Copy

ACHA will cause people with Preexisting Illnesses to lose access to health insurance. As usual GOP talks out of both sides of their mouth. For Example the Energy and Committee Health Chair stated:

blame-the-senate-rules - Copy

What the AHCA MEANS TO YOU (Not including the Eliminations above)

what acha means to you

If you are covered under private insurance, medicare, and don’t think these exclusions will affect you: Think AGAIN. How the Rich GAIN and the Poor and Middle Class Lose under the ACHA:

How the rich gain and the poor lose under the Republican health plan

Congress is to meet at 11:30 am today. March 23 to vote. shockingly, the majority of the R Congress do not even know what the HCHA includes. It is reported it may be through Monday, Reach out and tell them your concerns.

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