First annual Walkforpi will be held in St. Louis!

This is actually a bitter sweet time, maybe I’ll fill everyone in later. I originally was extremely excited to bring the walk to our city…the excitement became disappointment, which has nothing to do with anyone or anything at that moment. However, I was originally not going to attend the walk due to several issues as well, I did not expect anyone to walk with me…..

you know, I would not even be writing this if it were not for someone out of the blue calling me and asking me about the arrangements for the walk. As I had not expected anyone to attend!

Myself, and my fellow peeps with our DX was/is the motivation, that changed my mind. WE will have this chronic disease FOREVER. Only WE can relate to the struggles, not any employee, organization, or even family.

When I mention family, I do not mean it in any mean way. As my family, the ones that I care about, support and love me. However, living with this type of illness is something that not another single person in this world can understand unless they have it.

I walk for my fellow civd’ers, and pi’ers, not another sole. There jobs, employment will come and go. WE will always have this chronic illness, for that reason alone, we need one another.

I was very happy when I heard that my daughter and my Neice actually want to attend! Motivated me to write this.

Praying the walk is a success, and more than anything, awareness is raised.


What do you think?

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