What the “Spoon Theory” means

I was introduced to this idea, the spoon theory, about a year ago. Basically, if I plan on doing anything, I need to space it out, or not really make many plans at one time. If I get sick, I am no good for anyone. When i do to much I run out of energy, and get sick. It isn’t necessarily 1,  2, 3, 4 spoons per action. It depends on a lot. I put doctor visits, socializing, showering  and dinner at 4 spoons. But that’s just me.

I am infusing today.

I’ve moved my days to infusing to Monday, even though I should not infuse alone, it seemed more of a hassle with daughter seeing it and husband making demands that I am not able to do after infusing. Some people really do enjoy a good kick at you while your down. My problem is that I keep forgetting I infuse on Mondays, and I can’t do anything, afterward. It’s an all day thing, sometimes up to 72 hours. I have to do this the REST of my life, and there are so many times that I just don’t want to.

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